Santa Cruz: from the airport to the city center

Here is how you can get to downtown Santa Cruz from Viru Viru Int’l Airport, without spending too much money:


 Take a trufi

There is a trufi (public bus) running between Viru Viru Int’l Airport and downtown Santa Ctuz (Ex-terminal – 1st ring, close to La Ramada market).

Hours: 5 am to 9 pm
Where you can take it: as you exit the airport,  going to the right
Cost: 6 Bs by day, 10 Bs by night
Duration: 30-45 min, depending on the traffic

You can ask the driver to drop you off anywhere on the way.



 Taxi / Uber

You can also take the blue&white taxis from the airport to the city. At the exit door you will find a map that includes the price for the ride, depending on the area where you go. Expect to pay somewhere between 40 Bs (for the North of Santa Cruz) to 100 Bs (for the extreme South).

There is not much difference between taxis and Uber – and taxis might even be a cheaper option.



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