Funny Stuff People Say When I Tell Them I’m Romanian

I was born and raised in Romania, but I have spent the last 13 years or so living in other countries and traveling worldwide.

While Romanians are well-known in Europe (and not always for the right reasons), a lot of people outside the Old Continent have barely heard about my country, which often results in funny questions or comments.

So here is a list of things I’ve been told or asked by people when I told them I come from Romania:


Is that a country?

Hmm, kind of. It is more like a legendary kingdom. Unicorns are our main means of transportation and we use dragons instead of airplanes. 


Where is that?

Somewhere North of Wakanda, South of Atlantis, East of El Dorado and West of Shangri-La.


Oh, so you speak Latin, right?

*Iste homo ignorant est*

No, we actually speak Romanian, which is a Romance language but no, we don’t speak Latin.


Oh, so you speak Russian, right?

*Niet, man! Niet!*

No, but we cry in Russian!



No! ROmania!


I saw a documentary that said your country was the first one to adopt Christianity as a State religion!

No. That’s Armenia! I’m from ROmania!


Oh, so you’re from Rome!


Sort of…

Not really.


Your people conquered my country a long time ago!

I think you’re talking about the Roman Empire. We were conquered by them too.  

*crying on each other’s shoulder*


I heard Budapest is a very beautiful city! I want to visit it some day.


It is indeed! Enjoy your trip to Hungary!


Gheorghe Hagi!

*watery eyes and heart swelling with pride*

YES! Let me hug you, brother!


Nadia Comăneci!

*proudly waving national flag*

YES! 100%


Transylvania! Dracula!

*here we go again…*


Do you suck blood?

No, but I can suck the life out of you!


Ceaușescu! (mispronounced in ten thousand different ways)

Yes, he was the real Dracula!


Were you guys part of the Soviet Union?

Almost! *sigh*


What’s a typical Romanian dish?

Sarmale, mămăligă cu cârnați, roșii-brânză-ceapă-slană!

*mouth watering*


Are you a gypsy?

No, but I’m a traveler. And I can belly-dance if you want. 


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