Where Is Home When You’re a Nomad?

Where do you come from?

People ask me that all the time and my answer is usually “I come from Romania”. And while this is true, part of me feels like I am not 100% honest. But that’s the easy answer, since it is not always the case to start talking about my whole life’s odyssey and the doubts over my identity.

I was born and raised in Romania, yet for almost 14 years now I’ve been living in other countries around the world. I spent about 11 years in Italy, 1 in China and 2 in Bolivia.

During all this time my attachment to Romania has grown weaker and weaker, as foreign cultures started to mold my Romanian identity and worldview into a new shape. A shape like a passepartout: that fits any lock but doesn’t belong to any door.

Is it important to have a home?

Home grants a sense of belonging. It grants identity. And that is why it is crucial for an individual. Yet I realize I did not build my sense of self on a place, but on faith.

Faith in God and the awareness of his presence, love and goodness towards me has given me the identity and the sense of belonging I needed, and is what helped me adapt easily to new environments. Home is a fluid concept. Faith is a solid anchor without borders.

I love being a nomad, and I would not change this for a tranquil, sedentary life. And as I will be moving from Bolivia in a couple of months, I wonder what home will look like after that.

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