“You’re Eating Snake!”

“Daniel, you’re eating snake!”

I panic, I freeze, I stop breathing and I go pale in less than a second.

But here’s a little bit of context.

Big mistake!

March 2012.

I’m a young, unexperienced solo traveler visiting Peru. A few friends I met in Lima invite me for lunch at a chifa restaurant (places selling Chinese-Peruvian dishes).

First time eating chifa, but I don’t really care what the ingredients are ’cause “I eat anything!“.

Previously I shared with my friends that I am herpetophobic. Big mistake! Never tell your friends what you fear if you want to live a tranquil life.



So while I’m enjoying my arroz chaufa, my friends tell me I’m eating snake.

Heart attack in 3… 2…

It’s a joke!

Thank goodness! Now I can keep eating my freaking arroz chaufa. I just wish my hands didn’t shake like a leaf and I could get the fork to my mouth!

Bon appétit!

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