Disgusting Food I Love

Normal people traveling: “Where can we find a nice restaurant where we can try good local food?”

Italians traveling: “Where can we find pizza and pasta?” (sorry for stereotyping you, dear Italian readers, but you guys know this is not that far from the truth, after all)

Me traveling: “Where can I get the weirdest food people eat here?” ‘Cause YOLO, right?

So here’s a list of disgusting or weird things I have eaten around the world:


Can’t say no to some fried worms, can you?

I tried them in Johannesburg, South Africa. They tasted a bit like chicken liver, just drier. They came with something similar to smashed potatoes, but I can’t remember what it was.


Big bad crocodiles have tender, fishy meat. Who would have thought?!

I guess below that tough skin there is a soft heart! – I tried it in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Red Ants

Wanna add a little bit of spice to your white rice? Why not throw in some red ants? – Phnom Penh, Cambodia


First time I saw fried tarantulas on a stick I wanted to try them but did not have the guts. Second time I thought it might be my last chance so I went for it!

The legs taste a bit like French fries while the body reminded me of dry chicken liver.

I tried it in Siem Riep, Cambodia.


Well, armadillos are not disgusting, they’re actually cute and they taste like chicken with a bit of pork.

I tried armadillo in an Ayoreo indigenous community in Bolivia.

I love trying weird, disgusting foods but there is only one thing I could not eat: SNAKE.

What are some uncommon foods you guys have tried? Feel free to comment below.

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