Reverse Culture Shock

I’m dealing with reverse culture shock (RCS) right now.

Reverse culture shock: the distress you experience when you go back home, after spending some time away.

Nothing new, nothing unexpected, nothing extreme. But it’s there and I can’t ignore it. Gotta face it!

Stuff I Feel and Think

I knew this transition was not going to be easy but I’m a very positive-minded person and that is helping me deal with RCS a lot.

One thing I like to do these days is to sit back and analyze my thoughts, feelings and reactions to the environment I find myself in right now and to the situations I’m experiencing (very deep person here!). So here are a few things I have thought and/or experienced:

  1. Day One: “Ok, this is not that bad. I think I can deal with it.”
  2. Day Two: “Nothing has changed, yet everything feels so different”.
  3. Day Three: “I’m not sure I can still speak Italian…”
  4. Day Four: “I don’t like these people. I don’t like how they talk, what they talk, how they think and what they think. I don’t belong here!”
  5. Day Five: “Can someone please give me a job and send me abroad. Like ASAP!”
  6. Day Six: “Like seriously, get me out of here!”
  7. Day Seven: Act awkwardly at the barber shop because the last thing you want is to interact with your hairdresser, who is trying to start a conversation with you about local topics you don’t care. “This is a good day to ignore me!”

Did I ever take traveling for granted? May I never do that!

Traveling is a privilege and a blessing and I am forever grateful for all the amazing opportunities I’ve had so far! RCS is the downside of it but if that’s the price I need to pay, bring it on!

P.S.: If anyone wanted to make a poor travel blogger happy and offer him a trip to anywhere, I would not say no. Just saying…

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