Chieri, Italy – Lesser Known Places

Raise your hand if you have ever heard of Chieri!

No, you’re not ignorant. Nobody has heard of it, except people who live there. Yet Chieri is a truly dreamy place and, therefore, perfect for my “Lesser Known Places” series.

Sustainable tourism

Mass tourism is rapidly destroying our world’s natural and historic treasures and I believe one way to make it more sustainable is to promote new places and divert tourist fluxes. And my job, as a travel blogger, is to help you discover hidden gems that deserve a place on your travel wishlist.

Where in the world is that?

Chieri is a small town in the larger Turin Metropolitan Area, Italy, connected to Turin by bus n°30.

Though I had been to Chieri a few times before, I only discovered its beauty recently, when my sister decided to move there and I finally took the time to explore it.


I was mesmerized! I did not know that, just a few kilometers from home, there was a small town concentrating untold stories and century-old churches.

Here are a few things you can expect to see in Chieri:

Chieri’s Duomo “Santa Maria della Scala” – an impressive late-gothic church built between the 14th and the 15th century…

Old streets where you can go for a walk and chill…

This arch, built in 1580 and located on Vittorio Emanuele II pedestrian street…

This scenic view…

…overlooked by a baroque and neoclassical church, whose first stone was laid back in 1145.

In downtown Chieri you will stumble upon historic buildings and century-old churches at every turn…

Who can resist the charm of an old Italian town?

Dummy can’t!

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