Disgusting Food I Love

Normal people traveling: “Where can we find a nice restaurant where we can try good local food?” Italians traveling: “Where can we find pizza and pasta?” (sorry for stereotyping you, dear Italian readers, but you guys know this is not that far from the truth, after all) Me traveling: “Where can I get the weirdestContinue reading “Disgusting Food I Love”

Fez, Morocco – Living the Telenovela

I grew up watching Mexican telenovelas. Yes, for some weird reason Latin American soap operas were extremely popular in Romania in the late 90s and early 2000s. ThalĂ­a was my friend, I held back my tears when Marimar ate mud, held my breath when Soraya Montenegro almost killed “la maldita lisiada” and thought people wereContinue reading “Fez, Morocco – Living the Telenovela”