“You’re Eating Snake!”

“Daniel, you’re eating snake!” I panic, I freeze, I stop breathing and I go pale in less than a second. But here’s a little bit of context. Big mistake! March 2012. I’m a young, unexperienced solo traveler visiting Peru. A few friends I met in Lima invite me for lunch at a chifa restaurant (placesContinue reading ““You’re Eating Snake!””

24 hours in Lima, Peru

Crowded, grey and noisy, yet sophisticated, young and vibrant. This is Lima. One city, ¬†two souls. A place where the elegant colonial architecture mixes with simple yet colorful houses on hills and where modern¬†skyscrapers hide the sea of brick houses of working-class neighborhoods. If you are in Lima and only have 24 hours, here areContinue reading “24 hours in Lima, Peru”