Santa Cruz: from the airport to the city center

Here is how you can get to downtown Santa Cruz from Viru Viru Int’l Airport, without spending too much money:  Take a trufi There is a trufi (public bus) running between Viru Viru Int’l Airport and downtown Santa Ctuz (Ex-terminal – 1st ring, close to La Ramada market). Hours: 5 am to 9 pm WhereContinue reading “Santa Cruz: from the airport to the city center”

24 hours in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Santa Cruz is Bolivia’s biggest city and the country’s economic hub. It is very different from the cities in the highlands and it might not offer as much, in terms of architecture, history and culture.  However, because it is so unique and different from any other big city in Bolivia, it is definitely worth spendingContinue reading “24 hours in Santa Cruz, Bolivia”