Why travel solo?

Traveling alone is becoming more and more common, but it wasn’t the case when I first set foot in Peru, 7 years ago. Young, unexperienced and alone. First time outside of Europe. But thank God for Peruvian friends who helped me along the way! At first I was apprehensive about traveling alone but my itchyContinue reading “Why travel solo?”

24 hours in Lima, Peru

Crowded, grey and noisy, yet sophisticated, young and vibrant. This is Lima. One city,  two souls. A place where the elegant colonial architecture mixes with simple yet colorful houses on hills and where modern skyscrapers hide the sea of brick houses of working-class neighborhoods. If you are in Lima and only have 24 hours, here areContinue reading “24 hours in Lima, Peru”

24 hours in La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is breathtaking! Literally. The city is located at almost 4.000m (13.000 feet) above sea level and it’s all ups and downs, so if you fly in from sea level expect to feel dizzy, tired and out of breath, at least for the first day.  Also, your face might swell, so you will probably getContinue reading “24 hours in La Paz, Bolivia”

Santa Cruz: from the airport to the city center

Here is how you can get to downtown Santa Cruz from Viru Viru Int’l Airport, without spending too much money:  Take a trufi There is a trufi (public bus) running between Viru Viru Int’l Airport and downtown Santa Ctuz (Ex-terminal – 1st ring, close to La Ramada market). Hours: 5 am to 9 pm WhereContinue reading “Santa Cruz: from the airport to the city center”

24 hours in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Santa Cruz is Bolivia’s biggest city and the country’s economic hub. It is very different from the cities in the highlands and it might not offer as much, in terms of architecture, history and culture.  However, because it is so unique and different from any other big city in Bolivia, it is definitely worth spendingContinue reading “24 hours in Santa Cruz, Bolivia”